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Chad Biffle

Co-founder, Vice President of Operations

Chad Biffle co-founded Sedona in 2006. As Vice President of Operations, he applies his leadership experience to foster an environment of success for the Human Resources, Finance, Recruiting and Administration teams. Prior to his current role, Chad served on both the operations and consulting sides of the house, in both leadership and client-facing capacities. 

Chad loves the variety of his day-to-day role. He finds that although the daily intricacies of his job can be very challenging at times, they're also very fulfilling.

Before joining the Sedona team, Chad earned Business Management degree and used it to manage and lead successful businesses and teams within the retail and hospitality industries. 

Outside of work, Chad still engages in his first passion—cooking. He's known in the Sedona team for a much-coveted family BBQ recipe! He's also a frequent traveler and loves seeing new places. He looks forward to expanding Sedona’s client base internationally.