Change is Difficult; Chocolate Helps (Thoughts from an SLS Trainer)

What sets apart Sedona instructors from those secured from another vendor?

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What does minimalism have to do with end-user training?

Minimalism is all the rage these days from living in tiny houses to owning just enough to carry in a backpack. There are always extremes but to me, the ultimate goal of minimalism is finding just the right balance so we can live life with more intention and purpose. Your end-user training needs to have…

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I am too busy to worry about end-user education right now!

Too busy to address end-user education? You are too busy to NOT think about end-user education. Pushing this ever important factor of success off to the end will result in after-thought training that does not yield results.

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Are you replacing your EHR only to end up with the same results?

Billions have been spent on EHR systems, yet I can sum the success or failure up in one question – are the end-users utilizing the software?  When end-users are unhappy with the EHR system, facilities often look at purchasing a different system.  Each EHR has its strengths and weaknesses but no matter how great the…

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Why Custom eLearning?

Why custom eLearning? It is true that the “point and click” of a software package is pretty generic but the scenarios that drive the point and click are anything but generic. Each site is unique, each role is unique and therefore learning experiences must be unique as well. Otherwise it is tuned out, turned off…

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Moments of Truth – Be Authentic

Moments of truth help define us as people and as an organization. Sedona Learning endeavors to live our brand each day: Authentic Purposeful Collaborative. Read on to learn more about a moment of truth for Sedona Learning.

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Falling in Love with eLearning!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, what better time of the year to profess our love for electronic learning! ELearning can be part of a total training solution (blended approach for larger initiatives) or can BE the training solution (particularly for smaller updates and service packs). We are often asked by clients why they…

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Can Training see the Forest for the Trees?

Sometimes training misses "the forest for the trees". We are so focused on providing learning events that we miss the real purpose - performance outcomes. Learning is not enough, we must look beyond the event and provide the services and tools that turn learning into performance.

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