Physician Education

We understand that physicians rarely have time to sit in a classroom. That's why we developed a curriculum format that not only accommodates hectic schedules but also incorporates the tools and facilitation best practices to make sure learning sticks

Our educators specialize in facilitation and healthcare technologies such as EMR/EHR, CPOE, decision-support tools, and medical devices. We strive to engage and educate your busiest clinicians, and focus on highly targeted, concise and flexible content design and instruction. Whether one-on-one or small group facilitation, the Sedona approach accommodates varying levels of comfort with technology as well as learning needs and styles. Our just-in-time tool that is accessible from mobile devices facilitates physician adoption.  Our team will build in tracking and assessment to measure learning, and to allow for private remediation as needed. 

 Your physician educators from Sedona Learning Solutions will:

  • Coach physicians through new technology acceptance and adaptation  
  • Provide tools such as email information bulletins, web-based modules, and podcasts for physcian convenience 
  • Tailor training to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs and levels of technology comfort 
  • Offer one-on-one and small group training 
  • Accommodate busy schedules with targeted information that can be delivered in short, useful bursts
  • Assess learning and remediate privately and respectfully
  • Become a single point of contact for physician support in the daily course of patient care

Our goal is to empower physicians to confidently and effectively use healthcare information technologies in their daily patient care.