Training Evaluation

Education focused and results driven — it’s a promise we remain committed to. That’s why we have a service offering focused solely on Training Evaluation.

When we say Training Evaluation, we aren’t just talking about how engaging or helpful the classroom instructor is. Many companies measure whether learning occurs, Sedona takes it a step further and moves learning into performance outcomes.  

As part of evaluation services, we offer:

  • Authentic Kirkpatrick Partner training and certification programs — Sedona Learning is proud to be the Kirkpatrick Partners North American affiliate.
  • Custom plans that not only build training programs but put processes in place that generate measurable results
  • Cost-savings as we work to build in-house expertise and efficiencies
  • Support and assistance in demonstrating the organizational value of your training programs

The Kirkpatrick Model we train on and utilize is the most recognized and respected method of training evaluation in the world. Couple that with our healthcare expertise and you can demonstrate results from your training investment.

Even the most well-designed and well-received training programs are of little value unless what is learned in training gets implemented on the job. Sedona Learning Solutions partnership with Kirkpatrick Partners equips us with the tools needed to measure and achieve optimal results for your team.” – Linda Hainlen, Director of Business Development

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